I am Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, better known as The Black Farmer. I’m passionate about Black History Month. I firmly believe that the more we know about other communities the more accepting we will become – of ourselves and others – in that community. For far too long, black history has been ignored and not taught as part of our curriculum. It’s through events like these that more people will understand how inextricably linked black people are to history. It’s vital that we understand our past and learn about the significant people and events that helped shaped our society.

It’s important that we understand the importance of diversity. Nature tells us that diversity is essential for our wellbeing, survival and balance. As human beings, sometimes we forget to follow the rules of nature and we need reminders that in order to survive, we must embrace diversity in all things.

Growing up, my role models were Mohammed Ali, Dr. Martin Luther King and Sidney Poitier. All-American, yes, but there weren’t any black British models when I was growing up.

Win a ‘Taste of Black Britain’ from The Black Farmer in celebration of
Black History Month

In celebration of Black History month, I am giving away one of my favourite Brit boxes to a lucky winner. Treat yourself to a real Taste of Black Britain with my box packed with my trio of premium potato Crisps and my new sweet and salty Popcorn, all presented in re-useable tubs.  For your breakfast table, my English tea is the perfect all-rounder, or, if coffee is your choice, my Taste of the Caribbean selection box of ground coffee has something for the most discerning coffee drinker.  I’ve included a tasty Chorizo Picante and my best-selling Dorset Blue Vinny Salami which uses one of the most traditional British cheeses – delicious – and just add a dash of my bespoke Chilli Jam for a delicious snack.  To finish, help yourself to some of The Black Farmer Original Fudge!


Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones AKA The Black Farmer

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